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Three-way switches require a three-wire cable: the power wire, the neutral wire, and the traveller or switch wire. The cable should also have a ground wire, or a total of four wires in the cable. The system also requires three-way switches. The switches are wider than regular single-pole switches and they have three terminal screws on the side sometimes back of the switch how do i hook up a three way light switch. Two terminals will be on one side of the switch housing; one terminal on the other side. Four-way switches have four terminals. This switch works in combination with two three-way switches to control electricity to lights and receptacles from three locations. All of the four terminals are brass colored.

Show less A 3-way light switch allows you to control a light source from two separate points. Note: there are several ways to install a 3 Way Light Switch. The methods shown here are some of the safest and most versatile, though not the only options. To wire a 3 way light switch, you'll need 2 3-way light switches, 2 2-wire non-metallic cables, 1 3-wire non-metallic cable, and 2 6-inch grounding wires. First, run a 2-wire cable from the wall power to the black screw on 1 of the switches. Then, connect the 2 switches by splitting the 3-wire cable apart and attaching each of the 3 wires to how do i hook up a three way light switch of the other 3 screws on each switch.

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This is the convention used by Roman era authors such as Posidonius[7] Strabo [8] and Ptolemy. Throughout the Middle Ages and into the 18th century, the traditional how do i hook up a three way light switch of the landmass of Eurasia into two continents, Europe and Asia, followed Ptolemy, with the boundary following the Turkish Straitsthe Black Seathe Kerch Straitthe Sea of Azov and the Don known in antiquity as the Tanais.

But maps produced during the 16th to 18th centuries tended to differ in how to continue the boundary beyond the Don bend at Kalach-na-Donu where it is closest to the Volga, now joined with it by the VolgaвDon Canalinto territory not described in any detail by the ancient geographers. Philip Johan von Strahlenberg in was the first to depart from the classical Don boundary by drawing the line along the Volgafollowing the Volga north until the Samara Bendalong Obshchy Syrt the drainage divide between Volga and Ural and then north along Ural Mountains.

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In Russia and the Soviet Unionthe boundary along the KumaвManych Depression was the most commonly used as early as The modern border between Asia and Europe remains a historical and cultural construct, defined only by convention.

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